The Gift of Yoga

Yoga is one of India’s wonderful gifts to humankind. One of its most valuable qualities is that it builds up a store of physical health through the practise of a system of exercises called ‘asanas’, which keep the body cleansed and fit. Yoga believes that exercise is essential for the speedy removal of toxins and for keeping blood circulation and all internal processes functioning smoothly.

Having dealt with the physical side of life, Yoga turns to the mental aspects. Here, the use of different breathing exercises or techniques aim to quieten the mind, offering a sense of inner peace and an ability to face upheavals and deal with problems. The philosophy of Yoga unites both these aspects and has stood the test of time, bidding humanity to review its thinking and conduct, and to turn away from violence, dishonesty and greed - a re-evaluation of life much needed in the present day. Yoga therefore has a role both in everyday practical life and in the more thoughtful, idealistic scheme of things. Its value needs to be experienced and savoured.

Benefits of Yoga

Regular practise of Yoga can profoundly affect your physical and mental state. Physically you will improve flexibility, strength, stamina, balance and muscle tone. You will develop greater energy levels, increase immune system function, support the nervous, and circulatory systems and enhance body awareness.

Mentally, the benefits are a reduction in tension and stress and an increase in calm and general well-being. Yoga has been shown to help alleviate many common complaints such as depression, anxiety, backache, IBS, insomnia and PMS. Yoga is perhaps the only form of activity, which massages all internal glands and organs, stimulating and cleansing the entire system.

Benefits of Pilates

Developed from the ‘Rehabilitation Technique’ (Joseph Pilates), Pilates is a unique exercise system that gives rapid yet lasting results: a leaner sculpted body, increased abdominal and lower back strength and improved posture.
Pilates emphasises slow, controlled movements and rhythmic breathing - a challenging class for core strength and stability.